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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tool #5: Pat on the 11 Tools experience

I wasn't able to get the video to load in Animoto.  The clip would only show a 5 sec portion...I need to keep studying.  Maybe Pat can help?  We need to work on Pat's volume here too....

Tool #4: Coaches Information Form - Google Form

Click HERE to complete Coaches Information Page

Tool #4: Google Docs and Forms

I am testing the ability to "online quiz". If I can get it to work, it keeps a record of responses for people that login, graphic illustrations of results, and data analysis.

Tool #3: Videos posted and DropBox Account Created

Adding videos/pictures will be useful for sharing information with coaches. In the future, possibly filming clips of conversations, trainings, etc. as reference material.

DropBox is a good was to "carry documents" to meetings without actually carrying them physically. These documents can be accessed from ipad, iphone, desktop so that they can be viewed as needed. Bring files or spreadsheets to a meeting all in the palm of your hand. CONVENIENT!

Medical Description of NCAA's PEP program (ACL prevention in female athletes)

PEP Program-Prevent Injury Enhance Performance-NCAA

Program of exercises and drills, particulary for girls in sport, focusing in ACL prevention

Xavier Women's Basketball Strength & Conditioning